Aerial photo of site.

*This property is located in the Opportunity Zone.

Location: 6290 N. Jackson Gap Street, Aurora, CO 80019

Owner: ACP DIA 1287 Investors, LLC

Size: 1,232 acres

Zoning: City of Aurora, Northeast Plains: I-70 Subcategory

Asking Price: 100+ acres $3.00-$4.00 per square foot, depending on location.

Porteos Brochure (PDF)

Highway Access: ~2.5 miles to E-470. ~21 miles to I-27. 22 miles to I-25. ~7 miles to I-70. ~9 miles to Highway 30.

Air Access: Site is adjacent to Denver International Airport ( ~2.5 mile drive from DIA terminal; ~.5 miles from the cargo apron; ~1 mile from Fed Ex, UPS, and other cargo carriers at airport).

Rail Access: None

Electric Power: Xcel Energy. A 13.2 Kv line is adjacent to and serving the site. A second 13.2Kv line (with higher available capacity) is 4.6 miles from the site.

Natural Gas: Xcel Energy. Adjacent to and on site. 6" PM Main runs south from 68th & Jackson Gap along Jackson Gap to 60th. 10" HP main runs in 68th Ave until Powhaton Rd and turns and then 12" HP Main runs south in Powhaton Rd. 6" PM Main is 60 psi MAOP; 200+ psig available pressure. 10" HP Main is 850 psi MAOP.

Water: Aurora Water. 24" main from 48th Avenue to 56th Avenue completed. 12”, 16”, and 24” lines will serve the development in various locations.

Sewer: Service will be available in 2018. Lines from 12” to 18” planned. 18" line is in place at Jackson Gap between 64th and 68th will connect to the lift station. 12" line will be connected to the 18" line in Jackson Gap. 12" within 64th right of way.

Storm Water: Development will be privately maintained system by the metro districts using shared detention basins.

Telecom/Fiber: CenturyLink fiber on site, Zayo has Metro Dark Fiber near site border, Long Haul Dark Fiber near southern border of site. Lit fiber south along I-70.

Available Site Due Diligence Documentation

Title Commitment: Yes
Aerial Site Views and Maps: Yes
Park Master Plan: Yes
Utility Service Maps: Yes
Site Dimensions and Configuration: Yes
Wetlands Map: Yes
Phase 1 Environmental Assessment: Yes
Archeological and Historic Use Assessments: Not required
Park Covenants and Restrictions: Yes
Transportation Access Maps: Yes
Geotechnical Study/ Soil Survey: Yes
FEMA Flood Plain Designation with Map: Yes
Air Attainment Status: Yes
Endangered Species Assessment: Not required

Available General Community Information

Community Profile and Demographics: Yes
State and Local Incentives Overview: Yes
Letters of Support: Yes
Business and Industrial Support Services and Amenities Profile: Yes

Economic Development Contact:

Yuriy Gorlov, Vice President

Aurora Economic Development Council
12510 E. Iliff Avenue, Suite 115
Aurora, CO 80014


Xcel Energy Contact:

Stephanie Henley, Manager, Corporate Economic Development

Xcel Energy
1800 Larimer Street
Denver, CO 80202