Maximize Green with Energy-Efficient Equipment

Find savings and earn rebates on expansion or renovation projects.

Energy Efficient Buildings

Energy Efficient Buildings (EEB) is a free program which encourages customers to incorporate energy efficiency measures into new construction, expansion or renovation projects.

The Energy Efficient Buildings (EEB) program is a prescriptive approach to ensure that you can qualify for rebates for the energy-efficient equipment you incorporate into your additions, major renovations and new construction projects. Our energy experts review your design plans and offer suggestions on how you can maximize energy efficiency within the project while managing your upfront investment. We’ll provide you recommendations and give you an idea of the energy use, savings and potential rebates available.

  • Minimum Project Size: Any size building may apply to the EEB program, but it is intended for buildings that are less than 20,000 square feet
  • Timing: As early as possible, but definitely prior to equipment bidding
  • Rebates: Amounts vary depending on equipment purchased and installed; non-prescriptive measures receive up to $400 per kW and $5 per Dth saved
  • Energy Efficient Buildings Services: Review of plans to make efficiency recommendations and then on-site verification to review installed strategies

Use the Energy Efficient Buildings Program:

  • When projects are in the later stages of design
  • When buildings occupy typical space types and use standard schedules
  • When progressive decision-making is possible throughout the construction process

Want to go Green?

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