About Economic Development

Working With Us

Xcel Energy’s Economic Development team helps customers and communities grow by providing comprehensive, customized and confidential assistance to relocating and expanding businesses.

Our Services

Identifying Incentives & Understanding Your Needs

We’ll work with you to clearly define project requirements, timetables, infrastructure, quality of life factors, and potential financial resources. With a solid sense of your business needs, we’ll review our programs to find the best incentives and programs for you.

Assisting With Site Location & Evaluation

We’ll provide a customized listing of real estate options from our broad inventory of Certified Sites, Ready Sites and Ready Buildings. We can conduct preliminary site evaluations, assist with site visits, and compare and analyze costs.

Connecting With Local Partners

We’ll put our local relationships to work for you. We can help analyze available state and local incentives and gather information related to approval processes and permitting.

Closing The Deal

We perform a final technical analysis, including complete environmental evaluation. We also assist with confidential optioning of the site, as well as finalizing the finance package.

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Keeping You Updated

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