Working With Us

Our Services

We offer comprehensive and confidential assistance to relocating and expanding businesses.

How we can help your business grow

Needs analysis

  • Clearly define project requirements, timetables, infrastructure, quality of life factors, and potential financial resources.
  • Analyze Xcel Energy Economic Development Programs to determine which best fits your project needs.

Site location assistance & evaluation

  • Free customized listing of buildings and/or land that meets your criteria.
  • Preliminary site evaluation; assistance in planning and conducting site visits, as well as creating a comparative cost-comparison matrix based on analysis factors.

Connections with local and state Economic Development partners

  • Assist in analyzing available incentives specific to the site and/or community.
  • Gather information related to approval processes and permitting.

Closing the deal

  • Perform a final technical analysis, including complete environmental evaluation.
  • Assist with confidential optioning of the site, as well as finalizing the finance package.

Meet Our Team

Find a contact in your state or contact us at and we will follow-up with you directly.