Working With Us

Working with Us

We offer comprehensive and confidential assistance to relocating and expanding businesses with services to retain and expand business and job growth.

How we can help your business grow

We will help you find a site or facility in our Minnesota service area that meets your specific criteria, offering access to the most up-to-date databases listing hundreds of buildings and sites suitable for light industrial, manufacturing, warehouse or wholesale trade firms.

Site Location Assistance

We are ready to help you find a site or facility in our service area suitable for light industrial, manufacturing, warehouse or wholesale trade firms that meets your specific criteria.

For a free a customized listing of buildings and land that meets your needs, email us preliminary information about your project. We'll access the most up-to-date databases listing hundreds of buildings and sites and send the best-suited ones your way.

To get started with site location assistance, contact the following in each state:

  • Minnesota: Email the Energy Service Inquiry Form (PDF) and we'll respond promptly.
  • Colorado: Find an area manager for site location assistance.
  • Michigan: Julie Thoney, Community Service and Economic Development Manager, or call our Business Solutions Center (1-800-481-4700).
  • New Mexico: Mike McLeod, Regional Community Service Manager, or call (575-625-5499).
  • North Dakota: Mark Nisbet, Principal Manager, North Dakota, or call our Business Solutions Center (1-800-481-4700).
  • South Dakota: James Wilcox, Manager, Government and Regulatory Affairs, or call our Business Solutions Center (I-800-481-4700).
  • Texas: Bryan Kauffman, Director, Business Customer Relations, or call (806-378-2174).
  • Wisconsin: Julie Thoney Manager, Economic Development & Community Service, or call our Business Solutions Center (1-800-481-4700).

To help you get started, we:

  • Assemble an internal site selection team from IT, Operations, Tax, Environmental, Human Resources, Finance, Legal, Real Estate.
  • Conduct in-depth evaluation of your current facilities to determine next steps.
  • Provide assistance in developing a timetable.
  • Develop a confidentiality plan — taking corporate competition, rising prices, and lost jobs or transfers into consideration.

To help define your needs, we:

  • Conduct a needs analysis, clearly defining project requirements, business needs, requirements, infrastructure, quality of life factors, and financial resources.
  • Provide for needs prioritization and search area study as well as preliminary community identification.

To help you collect and understand data, we:

  • Offer local and regional economic development and financial contacts in the search area.
  • Produce a spreadsheet compiling sometimes confusing information request results from state and local economic development organizations.

To help you evaluate locations, we:

  • Develop a sound evaluation process.
  • Assist in evaluating communities, rating each on various factors and creating a comparison matrix.
  • Help select communities for site visits.
  • Assist in planning and conducting the visits: a typical community visit agenda includes community orientation, meeting with utility companies, site visits, and meeting with education and training professionals.

To help you investigate more deeply, we:

  • Help to narrow your search to the top two to three candidate sites and complete a comparative cost analysis of one-time costs and annual operating costs.
  • Conduct a preliminary environmental review in partnership with your environmental consultant.

To help close the deal after you've chosen a site, we:

  • Assist with confidential optioning of the site.
  • Perform a final technical site analysis, including soil analysis and core boring and complete environmental evaluation.
  • Help finalize the finance package through our contacts with the local lending community, port authority, state or community economic development agency, or venture capitalists.
  • Work with the local community planner to secure permits.
  • Assist in finding closing, moving, and other resources

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