Location: 3915 South Main St, Roswell, NM (Subdivision-KREBS SUM PLAT 2 Block 0 Lot 2, STR 21/11S/24E)

Owner: Wetco LLC, 8324 Sterling St. Irving, TX 75063

Size: Approximately 145 acres

Zoning: Rural Suburban District. Comprehensive plan supports rezone to commercial or industrial.

Asking Price: $30,000/acre

Wetco Brochure (PDF)

Highway Access: Local surface streets to US 285 Truck bypass or to US 285 (direct north south through center of Roswell); closest interstate is 140 miles via primarily 4 lane Highway.

Air Access: Roswell International Air Center, approximately 10 minutes south of site. Limited commercial service to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and Phoenix International Airport (3-4 flights daily).


Rail Access: No rail access.

Electric Power: Xcel Energy. 12.47kV distribution. 2 additional transmission lines: a 69kv line runs within east side of site and a 115kV line runs along the north side of site.

Natural Gas: New Mexico Gas Company. Adjacent: 6” HP runs E-W within 100’ of site along middle of Brasher St. 2” HP runs N-S along Main St. Available pressure is 51 MAOP PSIG / 45,000 CFH.

Water: City of Roswell. 12” lines on both Brasher and Main Sts. at site boundary. Capacity is 4.7 MGD at 60 psi. System capacity is 30 MGD.

Sewer: 8“ currently at site right of way, leading to 30” line at Brasher. Line capacity is .28 MGD. System capacity is 7.5 MGD.

Storm Water: Will be determined by specific site development plan, based on a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPP) and historic flow preservation.

Telecom/Fiber: Fiber provided on Main St., adjacent to site. Line capacity is 1-10+ Gigabit/second. Up and down data bandwidth is 1000MB/sec (1 Gig) by 1000MB/sec (1 Gig). Providers are CenturyLink and Plateau.

Available Site Due Diligence Documentation

Title Commitment: Yes
Aerial Site Views and Maps: Yes
Park Master Plan: Yes
Utility Service Maps: Yes
Site Dimensions and Configuration: Yes
Wetlands Map: None
Phase 1 Environmental Assessment: Yes
Archeological and Historic Use Assessments: None
Park Covenants and Restrictions: None
Transportation Access Maps: Yes
Geotechnical Study/ Soil Survey: No
FEMA Flood Plain Designation with Map: Yes
Air Attainment Status: Yes
Endangered Species Assessment: Not required

Available General Community Information

Community Profile and Demographics: Yes
State and Local Incentives Overview: Yes
Letters of Support: Yes
Business and Industrial Support Services and Amenities Profile: Yes

Economic Development Contact

Mike Espiritu, President

Roswell Chaves County
Economic Development Corp
200 North Main
Roswell, NM 88201

Xcel Energy Contact

Stephanie Dybsky, Manager, Corporate Economic Development

Xcel Energy
1800 Larimer Street
Denver, CO 80202