Boost Energy Savings

Consider energy efficiency before you break ground on your new building or renovation

Energy Design Assistance

Helping businesses to incorporate energy efficiency in building design and construction practices.

Energy Design Assistance is a free integrated design service targeted at larger facilities. It includes personalized computer energy modeling, which predicts energy use of the building, suggests energy-saving strategies to incorporate into the design and estimates energy-cost savings and construction rebates available for the project

Post-project site verifications help to ensure that the system is working to save on energy bills. We also offer an incentive to the design team for the additional hours spent on greening the project.

The Best Times for Energy Design Assistance:

  • When projects want to achieve a sustainability goal or green building certification
  • When it's possible for the different design team disciplines to work together during the design stages
  • When there’s time for a whole building analysis

Three EDA Tracks

for your unique needs

Track #1: EDA

Our core program offering, EDA is ideal for projects with energy savings goals in mind and enough time to integrate new ideas and strategies.

Track #2: EDA – Quick

For projects that have simpler or extremely rapid or irregular schedules, this process combines the energy analysis part of EDA — condensed into an estimated four weeks. The opportunities for consideration are limited for this option.

Track #3: EDA – Enhanced

This option is ideal for projects with extensive energy savings goals or those seeking to meet green certifications including: ENERGY STAR®, LEED*, and Minnesota B3. Projects within this track begin review of their energy goals in preliminary designs and must be willing to look outside traditional approaches to energy savings.

Want to Design Green?

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