Project Gemini Rate Incentives Program

Manufacturers or wholesale trade businesses who locate or expand operations in one of 15 specified zones in the Twin Cities metropolitan area are eligible to receive reduced electric rates for five years through Project Gemini.

Our discounted rate—or Area Development Rate (ADR)—supplements state and city programs. For the specific location of each zone, call Xcel Energy’s Economic Development department at 612-330-7870.

Discount Schedule

Year Reduction
1-3 50%
4 30%
5 20%

The demand charge for a typical industrial customer represents 40 percent to 50 percent of a total electric bill. While the actual amount will vary, savings of 15 percent to 20 percent on the total bill can be expected the first three years, 10 percent to 12 percent in the fourth year, and 6 percent to 8 percent in the fifth year.


You are eligible if you are an existing Xcel Energy customer or a new Xcel Energy customer who builds a new facility engaged in manufacturing and wholesale trade in an ADR zone.

You are an ADR-eligible customer if you can show at least one of the following:

  • Business has not been conducted in the facility for the three preceding months,
  • The previous occupant/customer is in bankruptcy, and you obtained the business in a liquidation-of-assets sale,
  • Your activities are substantially different from those of the previous customer,
  • Or, if your business activities are not substantially different, you are independent from the previous owner/operator.

Manufacturing and wholesale trade customers who lease space in an existing facility located in an ADR zone are also eligible. To qualify for the rate, you must demonstrate increased electric usage by adding equipment, expanding the facility or increasing operations (such as adding a second shift).

After initiation of the program and the increase in demand (or new business) has started, Xcel Energy will monitor the actual usage during a three-month period. If actual usage exceeds the use for the same period the previous year by at least 25 percent, the business will be considered eligible.

For existing customers in an ADR zone, the discount applies only to the increase in use, not to the total usage charge.

How to Apply

To apply, print out and complete the Project Gemini/ADR application form below.

If you're already a customer, in addition to completing the Project Gemini/ADR application form, you will be asked to document the reason(s) for the expected 25 percent or more increase in demand.

A customer who takes service under the ADR program will be required to sign a new electric service agreement or amend their existing agreement. This agreement or amendment will require that you purchase all of your electric power and electric energy from Xcel Energy for a period of six years commencing with the date that you begin to take service under the ADR.

You must also complete an Energy Efficiency Checklist form to document the energy management programs offered by Xcel Energy you have considered or implemented.

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